1. beg, appeal for help [yu]
  2. give, present; reverential [yu]
  3. weasel, mustela itatis [yu]
  4. female deer; roe, doe [yu]
  5. (No definition found) [yu]
  6. a kind of tench [yu]
  7. fish [yu]
  8. (No definition found) [yu]
  9. breakfast; eat prepared food [yu]
  10. marsh; pool; harmonious [yu]
  11. harmony, union; harmonious [yu]
  12. to exceed; a state in Shanxi province [yu]
  13. a large bell used as a musical instrument [yu]
  14. (No definition found) [yu]
  15. (No definition found) [yu]
  16. state in Henan province [yu]
  17. former or literary name for Nanning (in Guangxi) [yu]
  18. wander, roam, travel [yu]
  19. go over, pass over, exceed [yu]
  20. wander, roam, travel [yu]
  21. please; smiling; complacent [yu]
  22. transport, carry, haul [yu]
  23. light carriage; trifling, light [yu]
  24. light; light carriage [yu]
  25. exceed, transgress; cross over [yu]
  26. (No definition found) [yu]
  27. proclaim, instruct; edict [yu]
  28. flatter, truckle [yu]
  29. desire strongly, covet, long for [yu]
  30. shirt [yu]
  31. sleeve; ample flowing robes [yu]
  32. sleeve; ample flowing robes [yu]
  33. abundant, rich, plentiful [yu]
  34. mayfly (Ephemera strigata) [yu]
  35. snail [yu]
  36. (No definition found) [yu]
  37. larva [yu]
  38. (No definition found) [yu]
  39. Ipomoea aquatica used as a vegetable [yu]
  40. dogwood [yu]
  41. (No definition found) [yu]
  42. (No definition found) [yu]
  43. moment, instant, short while [yu]
  44. fat; fertile, rich; plump, soft [yu]
  45. insertion point in acupuncture; acupoint [yu]
  46. to sacrifice on two successive days [yu]
  47. look of rumpled feathers; bedraggled; hasty; rapid flight [yu]
  48. good [yu]
  49. a guide to goodness [yu]
  50. to lead, guide [yu]
  51. reason, cause [yu]
  52. appeal; request; implore [yu]
  53. bamboo pipe; fish hook [yu]
  54. a small door or window; a hole in the wall to cut through a wall [yu]
  55. (No definition found) [yu]
  56. get well, recover [yu]
  57. get well, recover [yu]
  58. cause, reason; from [yu]
  59. beautiful jade; tinkle [yu]
  60. gem ornaments for belts [yu]
  61. flawless gem or jewel [yu]
  62. a gibbon with a long tail and prominent nose [yu]
  63. window; lead enlightenment [yu]
  64. privy hole [yu]
  65. a river in Shandong province; a sluice [yu]
  66. (No definition found) [yu]
  67. change; chongqing [yu]
  68. (No definition found) [yu]
  69. the vitreous glaze on china, porcelain, etc. [yu]
  70. oil, fat, grease, lard; paints [yu]
  71. (No definition found) [yu]
  72. firewood for sacrifice [yu]
  73. elm tree [yu]
  74. tree [yu]
  75. elm tree [yu]
  76. a soft wood; to lay in stores of firewood [yu]
  77. lift, raise; praise; hang; flap [yu]
  78. urge, incite, egg-on [yu]
  79. (No definition found) [yu]
  80. pleasant, delightful; please [yu]
  81. more and more, even more [yu]
  82. instigate, incite; to alarm [yu]
  83. granary; storehouse [yu]
  84. (No definition found) [yu]
  85. (No definition found) [yu]
  86. county in Shandong province [yu]
  87. (No definition found) [yu]
  88. (No definition found) [yu]
  89. (No definition found) [yu]
  90. handsome, cheerful; steal [yu]
  91. handsome [yu]
  92. wall; fortified wall; small wall [yu]
  93. (No definition found) [yu]
  94. (No definition found) [yu]
  95. name of bridge [yu]
  96. (No definition found) [yu]
  97. the call of a bird [yu]
  98. metaphor, analogy; example; like [yu]
  99. metaphor [yu]
  100. the bleating of the deer [yu]
  101. wine pot [yu]
  102. (No definition found) [yu]
  103. to move on; coubtful [yu]
  104. surname; consent [yu]
  105. (No definition found) [yu]
  106. (No definition found) [yu]
  107. surname; consent, approve [yu]